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Renegade Collective Article – Uber Kate

Renegade Collective Uber Kate

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Renegade Collective Article – Designing a Lifetime of Style

A Lifetime of Style

ABC Radio National First Bite Story

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Renegade Collective Article – Viral Ideas

Renegade Collective Jason Silva

An article I wrote on techno philosopher Jason Silva for international magazine Renegade Collective. To read from the high res PDF click here.

B&T: Rolling Stone Aus on ‘The Bomber’ cover


Rolling Stone Australia has confirmed that it will run the article from its American counterpart about Boston marathon bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, but it will not run the cover that is currently sparking outrage across America and online.

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Article: Brewing a better future – Butare’s first cafe

Despite coffee beans being one of Rwanda’s largest exports, the Rwandese don’t drink coffee. A small café is trying to seed a coffee culture similar to that of Australia or Europe’s to unite locals and uplift farmers. Could the beverage become as influential in a community that is still marked by the feuds of the Rwandan Genocide?

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Article: The Distillery – Purifying Letterpress

The Distillery letterpress studio stands for the custom craftsmanship and artisan skill of a bygone era; hands instead of code behind something; ink instead of pixels. I spoke with the company’s director Nathan Leong about the near-lost art of letterpress.

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Review: Ideas missing from The Vivid Ideas Forum featuring

It’s not a good sign when you’ve just hosted an event with an international celebrity and no one sticks around for the after party. When the “hand-picked crowd” walked out at the end of The Vivid Ideas Forum that had featured the festival’s creative director Ignatius Jones, artist Justene Williams, software developer Renee Priston, and “a man who needs no introduction –”, a bitch fest was soon unleashed in the women’s bathroom.

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Blog Post: “If VICE is doing news…”

“If VICE is doing news, we’re fucked.”

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Review: Six Feet Under – Series One

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