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VICE Article – I went to the rehearsals of Nepal’s first gay Mr Handsome pageant

I Went to the Rehearsal of Nepal’s First Gay Mr. Handsome Pageant

The Black Eyed Peas’ Get it started is screaming obnoxiously from the top floor of a lime-green, dusty cement building on the outskirts of Nepal’s Thamel city. Upstairs, the contestants of the country’s first ever Gay Mr Handsome pageant are strutting off-beat towards the front of the room, posing awkwardly, and pouting to an imaginary audience. Amid the dusty bookshelves and broken chairs, the room is a sea of frayed denim, reflective sunglasses, and sexual tension.

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Article: Brewing a better future – Butare’s first cafe

Despite coffee beans being one of Rwanda’s largest exports, the Rwandese don’t drink coffee. A small café is trying to seed a coffee culture similar to that of Australia or Europe’s to unite locals and uplift farmers. Could the beverage become as influential in a community that is still marked by the feuds of the Rwandan Genocide?

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Article: iDollators

High-end sex dolls may be unusual to some, but they have become a chance at true love for others. I speak to Harry Thomas* about his love for his Real Doll Jenny, and how she has made his life more meaningful.

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