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Gladies The Gladies Podcast, Episode 3: Don Jon and gender roles


The influence of porn on women has been extensively discussed, but what about on men? Joseph Gorden-Levitt’s new film Don Jon explores how porn shapes male gender roles, pressuring them to be the dominating porn star by the bedroom and yet a sensitive romantic outside it (virgin/whore complex anyone??).  With this we lead into a discussion on the expectations for men and women in relationships, the first Saudi Arabian film to be supported by it’s government in an American market (directed by a woman!), and the experiences of transgendered Nepali prostitutes.


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The Gladies Podcast, Episode 2: Romance

Global media is in love with the romance genre and has been for centuries. But with high divorce rates, an increase in the average age of marriage, and a relaxing of social expectations around what’s classed as the common family unit, why do we still lap up the ‘Happily Ever After’? And with all these relationship realities western culture is slowly accepting, another genre has arisen – real romance. But why don’t we garner the same appreciation from real romance as we do the Cinderella story?

In this episode, the Gladies explore what the romance genre means in an age that is warring between the abstinence porn of Twilight, and overt sexuality that sees little Miley Cyrus join the land of latex, (with a few tangents onto real relationships for good measure). Enjoy! (And subscribe on iTunes!)

The awesome intro/outro song to Episode 2 is by creative couple and electro extraordinaires, This Mess. Soooo sexy. Listen to the whole song without our voices in between!

Texts we refer to;

The Guardian: Stephanie Meyer on Twilight, feminism and true love

TIME: Are romance movies bad for you?

Stephanie Meyer has moved from Twilight to Austenland (romance genre)


Blue Valentine (real romance genre)




The Gladies 1: The Anti-Hero

Not girls but not yet ladies, we discuss the experiences of being in the weird, transitional mid-20s period that makes you a glady. In our first episode, we look at the anti-hero and why there is a glamourisation of the flawed female protagonist. Rachel from Friends, Carrie from Sex and the City, and Hannah from Girls – we talk about why we love the anti-hero. But is it really something to aspire to? And what social circumstances did it stem from? Is it just another excuse for us Gen Y-ers to indulge themselves?

Texts mentioned;

Difficult Women: Emily Nussbaum, The New Yorker

Girls in Hoodies

Why there’d be no Frances Ha without Rachel Green: Glenn Dunk, Junkee