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I want to know everything...


I love a good story, no matter the format, the platform, the genre or length. 

I’m currently a producer with ABC Arts. I shoot and edit video, write articles, manage social media, and repurpose moments from the organisation’s amazing bank of archival television to showcase to new audiences.

If I could time travel, I'd come back in the early 1970s, when "everyday felt like tomorrow would hold a revolution," as Pat Fiske once told me.

My five-part iview series Reissue profiled defining moments in Australian pop culture, from the beatniks of the late 1950s to the ravers of the '90s.

Having originally studied print, I’ve greatly broadened my skills over the course of my career. I’ve taught myself audio and video editing and am now combining this with camera work.

I created a 12-part podcast called The Gladies (not a girl, not yet a lady) that analysed pop culture through a feminist lens, and have contributed to VICE, Renegade Collective, GQ, Radio National and ABC Online

I love eccentrics, slightly disconcerting dance moves,  and oversized earrings. I love big ideas, unrealistic goals, overambitious travel plans, and am fairly certain everyone is just a little bit crazy.


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Producer for ABC Arts

Sequin enthusiast